Epy Bomb Is Hiring!

Hello and welcome to Episode Bomb! We are hiring!

We are looking for people who are ready to get to work and also have some fun!

We Need
3-4 people who can write detailed story reviews!
3-4 people who can do digital art! (art scenes, character edits, ect.)
2 people who can do splashes and covers!
1-2 people who can do overlays!
1-2 people who can do backgrounds!
1-2 people who can help with directing issues!


sigh Its sad I have to have rules.

~ If you are inactive we will have to kick you out…we want people we can rely on!

~ You have to have experience in whatever you are looking to help out with.

~ You have to be drama free.

~ And you can be in some art groups but we don’t want you to be in too many!


We want to blow people away with our talent!

We want to be an explosion of fresh air.

we all want to be one big happy family!

Once you have submitted tell us down below!


Our leaders~ @Aerial_author @NattyGomez

Our current members~
Waiting list ~

Credit for these amazing banners goes to @_Nasia


@kennedy11 I love you artwork…we will get back to you as soon as possible:)

@Mimi0829 I oved your backgrounds…we will get back to you as soon as possible:)

I can help with directing issues.


Then fill out the form please

Filled it out.

And, the file I sent, was what I use to code. I use a certain technique…

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Ahhhhhhhh we are remaking da bomb team omg! Do I have to reapply… Wait I never ready applied I was randomly offered… Ye like that was strange.

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If you are interested in rejoining the group please fill out the form above:)

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Thank you!


Can I be in this group? (AGAIN)

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Can I be in the group once again


Yes just please fill out the form above so we can be more organised


Applied :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Can you PM me for a moment please



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… am I not in the grp???
And you even got together?!
God… why am I sooooooooo behind things?!


We all made up! We are starting over if you fill out the form above you will get accepted right away!

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Deciding by the level of weirdness ya have, I ma guessing u r @Aerial_author ? Lol

Sooooooo… should I like make a new pp? Or someone else is makin ?

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