Epy_dreams is hiring!

I have recently created an episode help group, and we’re currently hiring for all positions!

-Story Reviews / Shoutouts
-Art Scenes (edited and drawn)
-Covers (edited and drawn)
-PFP (edited and drawn)
-Video Edit
-Character Cards
-Outfit Creator
-Coding Help

If you’re interested in applying, here is the form to do so:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below or dm me on Instagram @mack._.episode!
Thank you if you applied!

*Instagram isn’t a must, I can message you on the forums if you don’t have it :slight_smile:!
Have an awesome day!


I love the name, sadly I can’t join because I only feel comfortable doing art on Forums and for Forums, but I wish you luck!!! :blob_hearts:

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Bump! :sunny:

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I applied :sweat_smile: :expressionless: :no_mouth:

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This looks like it could be fun! Currently signing-up. :+1:t3::revolving_hearts:

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