Epy.Fire Official Request Thread


Oh! Hello there! Didn’t see you there! Oh, you want some art? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Epy.Fire a group of helpers! I’ve noticed that there are many art groups.
Well, I’m sure you’re wondering why you should pick us, to do your artwork. But, we love to do artwork and help people. We have many artists that would love to come and help you.

Here are some examples so you know what we are talking about

We are new so we don’t have much but there will be more soon!



Like any thread we have rules

If you have requested the same piece of work from someone else please do not request here.
I don’t want our members to feel that their artwork is not appreciated. I’m sure I wouldn’t want to spend our’s doing a project and find out you’ve already requested somewhere else, so please don’t thank you!
2. Please don’t create drama on our thread
I don’t want my group to be a cause of any drama. And I don’t want trouble with anyone so if you have a problem with us please PM us so we can work it out. Please don’t create drama thanks!
3. Please credit us
I’m sure our artists have spent time on that piece of artwork and want credit for it. So, please credit Epy.Fire and that particular artist. Thanks!

If you need an art scene

  1. Background
  2. Character details
  3. Pose
  4. Anything extra?
    If you need a cover
  5. Background
  6. Character details
  7. Pose
  8. Anything extra?
    If you need a character edit
  9. Character details
  10. Anything extra?

If you want a story review we will make another thread about that shortly because, this thread is mostly about art. Keep in mind we are still hiring so if you’d like to become part of the Epy.Fire crew fill out this form and we will PM if you if you got in!
Our Instagram is @Epy.Fire. Thanks for visiting our thread we hope you request!

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