Epy Heroes is Recruting!

Hello, @marissa.epi and @Sophbee from the Epy Heroes team. We are recruiting some new members! So if you would like to join such an amazing group, then just fill out the form in the link below! It will only take a quick second, and right after, you only need to to personally message me your email so I can verify who you are. You will get recruited when you reply, but you might not get the role you want. But, that has never happened before. In order to be President you must follow rules and it may take longer to get in the team. Choose your positions carefully.

With love,
(Media Managers) @Sophbee & @marissa.epi


Nice!!! Haha sorry I wasn’t able to be as active. I will be (hmph. I should be. I’m CoPrez) so yeah sorry I haven’t been online or active but I’m gonna chat with y’all a lot. I promise.

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Submitted! I don’t mind my position, just what I chose would be what I prefer.


What does Epy heroes do like what kind of group are u?

Sorry for responding late! But um we specialize in helping the episode community, stuff like that.

Submitted :grin:

Like anything?

You are perfect! I will have you added to the group soon.

Me? Cuz I just submitted a form just now :sweat_smile:

Sorry! I thought you were someone else. My bad :grimacing:

It’s ok u probably meant to write that to @Lunar_Rose

But I did submitted a form😊

Hey ! Sorry, I’m late, but I’m also in charge with the recruiting of new members. You could also contact me! Thank you :yellow_heart:

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Alright :blush:

Re-submitted it!

Our president as to add you. We promise to add you shortly!

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Awesome! :grinning: