Epy Shorts 2018 // Discussion & News

Hello everyone! You probably already heard of the Epy Shorts 2018, and if not, i’ll explain!

The Epy Shorts 2018

T.E.S.2k18 is a contest promoting small authors organized by Episode. You write a short story in between 900 and 2000 words under a writing prompt. The writing prompts are small ideas that give your story life. The top winners receive awesome prizes! The deadline is next August.


Here is the discussion/news!

I am not an official episode employee, so this is not the official chat

Miss Moonlight

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I’m pretty sure it’s betweem 900-4000 words. Also I’m super excited!!



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I need more clarification on this. I would love to do this!


Click on the link!

I did, I still don’t understand it. Do I have to write a story in Google Docs?

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I am so excited to enter this!!




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@IDONTKNOWREAL @Miss_Moonlight @Briana_M @luciaricci

Hi everyone! Excited to see your interest in the contest and your willingness to spread the word! However, we’d like to clarify very important things that you’ve spread as false information!

  1. This is a novel writing (prose) short story contest based on prompts.
  2. The contest is open to all authors, small or big, not closed to only Episode writers but other writers from other platforms.
  3. The contest is hosted by The Epy Awards Episode community organization and NOT the official Episode staff. Link to our official website here: https://www.theepyawards.com
  4. The short story must be within 900 (min) to 4000 (max) words.
  5. The deadline is this coming November 2018, not next August.

@Briana_M If you have any questions, please take a look at the spreadsheet found in the link. There are multiple tabs to look at that you might have missed out on. Google Docs is not necessary, but the format of WORD DOCUMENT (.docx) is required. Google Docs is just an example of a resource you can use if you do not have the Word Document program in your laptop/pc.

We really appreciate you spreading the word but please do make sure the information you provide is correct, otherwise there will be a lot of confusion for entrants trying to join the contest! Again, we recommend that you be part of the team to help share the word, or simply direct others to our Instagram page @theepyawards or website.

To end it off, we have an official Epy Shorts thread on the forums: Enter The Epy Shorts 2018!

Best of luck if you are entering! <3

Much love,
S. R. Grae
Head of Epy Awards


Thank you for the information!

& thanks for everything you do for The Epy Awards! I follow your Instagram account and really appreciate everything you put into it.

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Awh, thanks, Lucia! We appreciate the love and support! All the best to you! :grin: Happy to see you enjoy our service to the Episode community!!

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Thank you for clarifying!

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No problem, thank you for helping to spread the word! :kissing_heart:

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That’s okay, I just love the idea! :+1:

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