Epy. Sister Hood Joining Application



Hi Everyone,
You remember Raven hood right, well here we are. We had some problems along the way but we’re here again starting a new and we’re today to hep passionate people get a shot at their passion. If you want to join Epy. Sisters hood just click on the link below and you will answer some questions and you will automatically join the team.

[Epy.Sister Hood Joining Application](http://Epy.Sister Hood Joining Application)

Hope you like it
With love from Epy. Sister hood


Thanks Amani


it makes us happy




Amani says:

I support you guys and wish you the best of luck


Thank you so much Amani
It warms up our hearts


I was about it post it… lol thanks @GirlLykAnn sorry I was too slow @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE




Can you invite your friends to see this please


Idk if it’s just me but it says that the application site couldn’t be reached


Ok I’ll fix it


Sister hood joining application


use this and the people accepted is @jaylen_dwight and @AngelinaTheUnicorn


Just send my application every wish me luck😊


Good luck to all those who’ve applied!


Im from this group ad I know you will make it in. Wishing you the best of luck




You did it


Please check your instagarm


Thank you so much!