Epy.SIster.Hood Outline contest

Hey the hood is hosting a outline contest on instagarm and on forum if your on instagarm and doing it use the hastag #thehoodoutlinecontest




  1. You must use the hastag if you have Instagaram and If you have episode forum just tag me

  2. You must color it and credit us

  3. Do not steal it and not credit us


First place winners

  1. Get a follow on instagarm

  2. Get alot of outlines

  3. Get to get to be featured in our new story

  4. Get a shoutout on our instagarm

Second place winners

  1. Get to get to be featured in our new story

  2. Get a shoutout on our instagarm

Thrid place winners

  1. Get a shoutout on our instagarm
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here are my outline creation:


My Insta page: @andreea.corcos.episode

P.S. The link is in my profile :wink:

this is not a share outline thread

But which one is it? :thinking:

pick any outline to do

Okay then I’m out…:confused:

I love it!

Is this Dua Lipa?

Yep, :wink:

I like her music, too

Would you like to see the original?

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I definitely do! (Omg I just wanna say that is amazing and I wish I could do that😂my outlines aren’t that good

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Do I just color one of the ones u created? Or do I make an outline of another character doing a pose and color it?

I think we just color it… anyway, I’m entering, @Epy.raven

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I will enter

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Yeah that how you do it

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So we just choose a random one?

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Thank you Angie

k so we just pick one?