Epy.SIster.Hood Outline contest

yeah you can color all of them if you want

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@Epy.sister.hood here is my entry… I did the first lineart!

Good luck to all! It isn’t too good because I just started today, and it only took about an hour and a half total, and it wasn’t in 1 sitting. But I hope it is good in ranking!



Bumpity doodle doo

Wow, I just joined and this is the first thread I clicked, first reply, but I absolutely adore that! Haha, you’ve got some real talent! Keep on doing what you’re doing!

lol you gonna have a userlock down ahhaha for 24 hours

…?What is that lol.

when you reply to much your gonna have that its a way to keep spam bots out

Ok welp I’m not spamming, and why did you feel the need to taunt me about that?

Its gonna happend to you for new user it happend to me

Well, ok now I am just wasting my few replies I have… not gonna waste my time arguing, lol.

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lol are you entering

idk why it’s restricted…

but it’s amazing omg (and i love dua lipa lol) you’re so talented wtf :heart_eyes::clap:

…no I was complimenting @MaliyahArtsy

i don’t think they’re taunting you, they’re letting you know so you know to spend your last few replies wisely :slight_smile:

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-I can’t ignore a reply because I don’t want to be rude lol!- Oh well I just took it the wrong way because of the “hahah” part.

Ok I shall now fail to ignore replies

that was a scream like haha I wouldn’t life cause of that its not funny please don’t reply use your replies wisely

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theres some games and roleplays so you can use your replies there

Awe thanks! It was actually my first attempt at something like that, and a lot of people really liked the outcome, so I am proud of myself! :slight_smile: