Epy Star Helpers recruiting!

Hello Episodians! Ann Elizabeth here, with exciting news. I am making a Helping account on Instagram & forums, for new authors or authors that need help. But I don’t know that much coding and that’s why I am recruiting! The account does Reads For Reads, Reviews, Shutouts, writing help (grammar, coding, etc) plus a episode talk show about news on episode and discussions about other topics. I will start to post my Backgrounds and Overlays on here to and if you make Background and Overlays and want to share them we can do that as well! If you are interested just comment below and say what can/want to do for what the account does and put episode Instagram name. There will be a group chat that we can talk about what we are going to post, who’s doing what, or if we need help with our stories we can help each other. (Username and Password will be put out in Group chat, spaces open 0/6)


Hi I am writing an episode story for the first time and the coding is really driving me crazy, please in need someone, a partner to help me with my coding and script.

here are sum of my examples
my instagrams epi._.brayden thanks bby!

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Yeah, Sure what do you need help with?

Thank you so much for the responds! You have a spot in the Epy’s Star Helpers! Congratulations new star helper!

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Booyah baby!

can i join the epy’s star helpers ?

Yeah sure, we still have 3 spots open! is there any jobs you want to do like specifically? Or really don’t care what jobs

i want the writing help one :slight_smile: !

Thank you for your responds! you can do more then one job just to let you know. Congrats! Your a Epy Star helper!

What’s your Instagram?

i don’t have instagram… :sweat_smile:

it’s cool if you get one let me know I’ll make a gc on here to! But we mostly post on insta tho but don’t worry you can be in charge of the forums part!

Hello! I want to join… I can proof read (spelling and grammar correction)
My insta - roy_episode

Ok! Congratulations you are now a star helper! (You can do all the jobs it’s really up to you!)

Hi just to let you know I already own a group on Instagram with that name

coding its just too much to handle. my first episode script is muddling up need someone to look at it and tell me what i did wrong.

Ok! Well change the name it’s not a problem, if it’s bothering you!

That’s awesome :heart:

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Thank you so much!