Epy Star Helpers recruiting!

@Epystarhelpers I’m quite interested in joining!
What I can do:
Coding help (as I write my own stories)
Background creation/editing
Character editing
Overlay creation


need help please

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Pm us for help of the scrip and what you are trying to do!

Ok! We might get more and change our name but I’ll add you into the gc!

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Thank you!

Sure! What do you need help with?

Hi I’ve sent my examples to join on PM :heart::blush:

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Coding. how do i send you my script so you can help me review and edit. We can possibly become partners cause coding in the writing process is tasking for me.

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Anything to help!
You can send a screenshot of your script and the the errors you’re having or what you’re trying to do and I’ll help you out! :blush:

i have a very long script can’t screenshot everything but i find the issue comes when i am previewing the story on my phone from the beginning and i get to the first dressing game after few customization there and i start the preview from the top again the character becomes what i made her to be during the dressing game instead of the original at the beginning of the script.
Second problem is with setting my overlay to the perfect angle i want it to be.

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Oh okay!
1.So with the previewer, when making a game whether it be some sort of mini game, dressing game or just regular customization, it tends to remember the choices you picked even though you’ve started the game over. To fix this, all you have to do is refresh the portal page. When it loads back up again, you’ll see that the previewer has closed itself up and that it how you know that it is refreshed and will be back to the original character that you’ve made including original outfits. Choices that you made before refreshing will also be “forgotten” so you can remake those choices as well to check each outcome.

2. Overlay placing is very difficult to be honest. It takes a lot of time with most of them. When using the previewer, you have to tap the button that says “Directing Helper”. Once you hit that more buttons will appear underneath those. You then press the button that says “Overlay Helper”. This button will allow you to move and scale the overlay of your choosing. Once you have it in the spot you want it, you will use the coordinates the box directly underneath the previewer gives you. I also find it very help to make sure to specify the zone your overlay is in. For example: @overlay CAR TILTED to _ _ _ in zone 1. This will prevent the script from mistaking it to be in a different zone than the zone you want it in.

I hope this helps you out! P.s Sorry it’s so long. Just trying make sure you understand it lol

Very thanks.:kissing_heart: you’re the best. i’ll contact you if i get stuck again.:heart:

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@Epystarhelpers please check your inbox :v: