Epy.tara 's ART SHOP {CLOSED}

I can help you with cutting out characters, edits, covers and other art stuff you may need help with. I may not be as talented as others, but I’ve been practicing!
Also, please understand that I may not finish your request by your given time, but I will try my best.
Credit my Instagram: @emtaraepisode
Here are some examples:




Art scenes


Edit form
Character? (outline, etc.):
Any specific colours?:
When do you need it?:
Half-body or full? if half-body, from shoulders up or from waist up?:
Anything else?:

Cover form
Characters? (if any):
Small/large cover/both?:
Instagram? (if applicable):
When do you need it?:

Splash form
Type? (sound, mature themes/languages/both, etc.):
Characters? (if any):
Specific words?:
When do you need it?:

Art scene form
Theme? (if applicable):
Anything else?:
When do you need it?:


Waiting list:


hi i would love if u could help me :smiley:

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Sure, what do you want?

I want to request a edit for my story. :slight_smile:

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OK this is gonna sound weird but i’m a noob again sry but whats a splash form? D:

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Sure, just fill out the form.

ayomide it’s where you see like ‘turn your volume up’ backgrounds or ‘this story contains mature themes’.


ohh omg thnxs so much :smiley: :smiley:

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Thanks for explaining.

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No problem!

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Do I need to give you an outline of what I need?

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You can, or you can just give a image of what you need.
Personally, it’s easier with an outline.

Okay, I’ll find an example of what I need and I’ll be back when I’ve filled the form.

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Okay, sure.

Edit form
Character? (outline, etc.):my characters name is eni she’s supershy,blue eyes,black skin,long black hair,freckles,african heritage do u need an image ref?
Any specific colours?:rose gold
When do you need it?:anytime ur done with it :]
Anything else?:nah! thnxs in advance

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You may want to get an image reference…
Also, just to clarify some stuff…
Rose gold for skin?
Is this limelight? I’m not too sure, I’m more used to INK but I’ll try.
So for the background, do you just want completely red, or you had something else in mind?
Oh, and…I may sound offensive, but what do you mean by African heritage?
Oh yeah. Any specific pose?

no np it’s my fault i’m still new to all of this ok african heritage are black people lol people with thick melanin! and iff black cultures <3 and sry i want a brown skin i’m gonna get an img ref now ! and i want a shy pose

like that

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Just thought of more questions…I need to update the form…
Okay, half-body or full? If you want half, do you want from shoulders up or what?
Next question, outfit? I can’t believe i forgot this!

lmao np uh half body from the hips up and outfit is the same with the image ref :

hold up i forgot the blue eyes lmao!

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no problem, I’ll do another character with this skin and outfit, but again, what’s the rose gold for again?