Epy.treats - Looking For New Members!

Hey, thank you so so much for checking out this post! My brand new group, epy.treats (ET) is looking for some new members to join the group! Let’s go over some of the main rules and some questions that can help you see if this is the right group for you!

What is the group about?
ET is a group that makes artwork on Instagram and on the Episode Forums. :slight_smile:

Do we need Instagram to join this group?
We definitely prefer that you have Instagram to join, but it is not required! You must have a Forum account to be in this group either way, because we will be accepting requests from both platforms.

What if we still wanna join but we have no interest in artwork whatsoever?
That’s totally fine! We can offer you some other positions that do not require doing artwork!

Do we have to be active everyday?
Of course not! We only expect that we see you once or twice a week, because we do know that you have lives outside of your electronics!

I’m not the best at making art… Is this a disadvantage to the group?
Nothing at ET is ever a disadvantage! Fellow group members can help you become better at artwork and we will always be there to support you!

What if I wanted to be someone who posted Directing Tips & Story Reviews?
You can definitely do that! Do what is most comfortable for you! :blush:

Now that we have given some things that may help you out, you’re most likely wondering how to apply for this group?

Well, it’s very simple! Just make a response down below, and we will make batches of two applicants per person, and you will be interviewed by myself! We have another member, Isabela, but her job is to manage the IG page, so she does not have a forums account.

We do hope you apply to be in this group!

Feel free to also DM us on Instagram as well, our account is @epy.treats!

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