EpyXMagic Group IG Account Openings 🦄 ✨

I would like the position, but I already made a story review acoount. I hope that isn’t a problem?

Dw, almost all of us have accounts where we specialize in something, I have a story review account (jem.does.reviews) however it’s fine :+1: If you’re still interested in joining, you can let me know and mention your IG so i can add you to the group :unicorn: :purple_heart:

But if you feel like it’s too much for you, then that’s fine, completely up to you if you’d like to join or not :purple_heart:

Yeah, I would like to join the group. My Instagram is @xepisodesummerx. Could I tell the people who wanted their story reviewed by me to ask on the @epyxmagic account on Instagram?

Sure, we’re still in the construction process atm but you can let them know to ask on there or that’ll you do their requests on there, if you’d like :blob_sun:

I still am, and my IG is @raisonacreates

I would love to join, but my schedule is very messy at the moment due to stuff came up recently. So I have to decline, if that’s alright :pensive:
Maybe in the near future when my schedule isn’t all over the place and a spot is still open. And I know for certain I will then have time for it too! ^^ :relaxed:

That’s OK, thanks for letting me know :blob_sun:

@Jen_Epi What positions would you be interested in? IG? Examples? Thanks :yay:


IG: @jeni.creates

Specializing in: pfps + edits

i hope i wrote this correctly :yay:

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Yeah ! My ig is @the_psychos_art

Thanks for letting me know @Shadow666 :blob_sun:

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Should we give our character details or? Because I saw some members on the Instagram story.

Yes, I will add you to our group now that I’ve confirmed you are interested :nerd_face: :blob_hearts:

Now we just have @QueenMilii left to join :nerd_face: :blob_hearts: If interested, let me know. We’ll start up the group and i can add you anytime you like, you can list your availability and don’t need to be too active :blob_hearts:

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At the moment we don’t have openings, but when we expand, you are free to re-apply in the future. We ask the next time around, you don’t claim art as yours, committing art theft is a very bad thing to do, thank you :heart:

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No problem. Check out epyxmagic to keep updated, as we expand we’ll take on new recruits :wink: :unicorn:

:red_light: :unicorn: Attenton guys, we are still under construction but will be ready soon, at the moment we are full but we may hire later on down the road so be on the lookout, thanks to everyone for being so patient :red_light: :unicorn:


Jem I’m so busy lately especially since I just came back from India and am very behind on my work lol. I want to join though so I’ll be sure to apply for the group again over summer :slight_smile:

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HELP WANTED :red_light:

Attention, we need:

  • another artist (who does both ink and limelight) We need someone who does splashes (drawn and edit), art scenes, and profile pictures.

  • a video editor


  • Background/overlays creator

I can do limelight and ink, should I send some examples if you still need people?