EpyxMagic is open! 🖤

Hi, there. We don’t accept requests on this thread. If you want something done you have to submit it through our forms. You will find the carrd (links) in the original post.

where do I request it on? Could you send the link please? xx

Oh! I would love to have a review but there’s no form :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Our request forms are all closed at the moment because we are full. You both can follow the page (if you have an instagram) to be updated when we open again.

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Great! Thanks!!

Bump | Backgrounds, Ink, and Limelight request forms are open. We’re taking 3 requests for each form. You find everything in the links above. If you have an Instagram you must be following is, if you do not, then don’t worry about, you’re fine.


Hi!! I just requested!

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bump :black_heart:

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