Er what size images do I need to look for in Pinterest?

Er so, I just downloaded Pinterest and I wanted to look at random backgrounds that I could use.
I tried the size that I usually resize images that aren’t the right size (1920x1136) but When I tried to upload, it said that it’s wrong.
Then I tried 640x1136 And it wasn’t the right size either!!
What size do I need to look for in Pinterest so I Can upload it??

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These are the background sizes

ONE PANEL: 640 x 1136
TWO PANELS: 1280 x 1136
THREE PANELS: 1920 x 1136

But I would recommend not using pinterest since literally all of the images there are copyrighted meaning that Episode won’t accept your backgrounds

You could try using or since their images are free to use


Oh okay! Thank you so much! @Sydney_H you Can close this now


Closed by OP request. :grin: