Erase all sexual and raciest stories


So there are a lot of racist, sexual or homophobic stories out there. I love episode but my mom doesn’t let me play it because of all those sex scenes and racism.

I do not know how people like these type of scenes, they are inappropriate and stupid. There are some stories that I love but they turn inappropriate.

Either it’s racism to white people or black people, all those racist stories need. To . Go!!! Some of those stories can lead people’s self confidence go low!

These are my opinions on stories that need to be erased.


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Personally, I disagree that you can’t be racist to white people. I think it’s impossible for us to become an equal society if you’re treating racial discrimination differently based on the race.

Apart from that, I am not sure how I feel about this post in general. Yes, racism is terrible and sexual scenes on Episode can be gratuitous, but I think sex does have a massive appeal, and that if you can mention sex without becoming sexual, there’s nothing wrong with it personally. Yes, some people don’t like it, but I don’t think it’s a case of removing stories if they stick to the current guidelines. I think it’s more a case of promoting PG stories.

Also, @YT_Zparkles what do you mean when you talk about racism in stories? Sometimes racism can be a really interesting and useful subject to explore in a story if you portray it as something bad. Do you mean getting rid of all stories involving racism or just stories that promote it or are actually racist (that the writer is sending bad messages about racial minorities)?


I’m glad your mother is doing her job as a responsible parent and monitoring the content you see and read. But to be fair, certian sexual content is allowed. And racism, while unpleasant, is a part real life and therefore should be able to serve as an issue in Epsiode stories, again also following the guidelines.
As it was already mentioned, there are warning labels for stories about mature themes and language which you should heed as a younger individual.


Yes I will echo the others. You can be prejudice to white people however they can’t experience racism as they were never oppressed nor a minority. But yes stories that exhibit any forms of racism or homophobia should be banned immediately,

I personally love the sex in stories and it sells well. It makes a story more realistic and many of the popular stories feature it. As long as their are mature warnings I don’t see it as a problem.

Another thing we should add is that Episode needs to make more cultural stories featured :slight_smile:

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I don’t know. I think stories involving a racist character who realises the error of their ways or a story about a real-life person like Martin Luther King could be really useful and interesting for people to understand race tensions. The thing is, stories like that would need to include racist slurs or mentions of racism in order to make sense.


Actually you’re right.
I meant to say more blantant racism such as an example in a story I saw which I refused to finish where all the zombies were African Americans and the heroes were white when zombies could’ve been green or something.
As a story plot to show how to fight against racism or stand tall in the face of it sounds good.


I remember the uproar about that story actually! I was one of the people who reported it, haha! I think that careless, ignorant errors like that just stress the fact that we need stories that tackle racism in a positive way. Episode is a great platform for showing people what the world is like for other minorities because it’s so interactive!


Yeah I agree!
& teaching children who are very sheltered about racism at a young age would be a great message especially to sympathize with them.


And what better place than an app where people can actually play as someone who doesn’t look, think, feel or act like them? Episode is sitting on a gold mine when it comes to ways in which we can make people empathise with one another.

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I agree.

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You CAN’T be racist towards white people. They’ve never suffered a systematic opression based on the color of their skin. Saying that reverse racism is a thing is like saying that reverse sexism, heterophobia and cisphobia exist - which would be plain ignorance. Saying “I hate men/white/straight/cisgender poeple/” is not the same as saying “I hate women/black/gay/bi/trans people/” The first one is harmless, the second one isn’t.
“Satire is meant to ridicule power. If you are laughing at people who are hurting, it is not satire, it is bullying.”


Let’s stay on topic.

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It really depends on the definition of racism that you go by. According to most dictionaries, racism is simply racial discrimination. Also, I think that this is completely negating the history of countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe where white people were systematically oppressed.


I’m just explaining. Sorry if it came off as rude or trying to get into an argument. I just think that it’s important for people to talk and learn about this kind of things.

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You’re points are valid and you are right.
White people can’t experience racism.


Not at all, it was very articulate. It’s just not the original topic.


Or, interestingly, as someone who is part Indian, when I go to India, I actually witness the systematic racial segregation and discrimination of Anglo-Indians (remnants of when the British Empire controlled India) who are labelled as ‘untouchables’ and find it very difficult to get a job. I think that saying that we can’t be racist to white people runs the risk of generalising the socioeconomic issues of the US and the UK to be true of the whole world.

And then, of course, there’s the fact that there are different types of white people. Slavs in particular have been marginalised and discriminated against for centuries. My Slavic best friend is quick to remind me that the word ‘Slave’ and ‘Slav’ are similar on purpose.


There’s a huge difference between what you read in a book and what’s actually happening in the real world. I stand by what I said and if you’re still not conviced I hope that you’ll do some research and change your mind. :slight_smile:

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I understand where you’re coming from, but racial history is actually the core point of my Masters at the moment. I think saying “you can’t be racist to white people” risks painting the whole world with the American brush.

Also, I am not sure what you meant about the book part. Are you suggesting that my examples are not true of real life or that you can’t be racist to white people in books? I can assure you: all of my examples are taken from real-life issues.