Erase Story From Phase Of The Earth

Hi guys. Does someone know how to eliminate, erase, destroy, bury a story already published?

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there is a way to achieve your story if you ever feel that you don’t want to work on it and for others to read.

Click on your profile, then click on Story Settings, look to right you will see some description boxes, read it, then once you read it click on Achieve, to achieve your story.

Story Settings allows you to manage your Active, Archived, and Unpublished stories. From this page, you can archive any of your Active stories, if you’d like them to no longer be discoverable, but still available to current and past readers. You can also unarchive any story you’ve previously archived, and hide unpublished stories from your story list altogether!

I love how causally you asked that :joy: you can archive them like Lana said but unfortunately people can still read it
Here’s a thread you might want to support if you haven’t already

I never tried but I have herd that you can actually have story for ever deleted but you have to ask for it via ticket the support and thay do it.

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