✨ Eri_Wrights Art-Contest ✨-Pls don't flop-Ends The 12th

Hey so i wanna make a editing contest because i’m bored
i will make different contest every week me and some friends will be the judgesThis weeks contest is a romance one take 2 charaters (Boy-Girl)(Lesbian-Gay-Straight-Bi-Trans)(Whatever you want) and create a scene with them anyt questions just PM me

How to enter
Just make an edit or artwork using the theme and there you go!

here are the Rules

1. Artwork should be your own original thought and idea although references can be used.

2. Artwork should be either DRAWN or EDITED.
3. There should be no offensive ideals, objects or anything in general that may be offensive.
4.Dont make fun or be rude to people on this thered


What you win(Prizes)

:dizzy: 1st place: :dizzy:

A character edit/pfp with up to 2 people or a cover with up to 3 people
2 character cards
I can add you to my shop
If you have a story, I’ll read the first 3 chapters

:dizzy: Second place: :dizzy:

A character edit/ pfp with up to 2 people
2 character card
A shout out on insta
if you have a story, I’ll read the first 2 chapters

:dizzy: 3rd place::dizzy:

A pfp with one person
one character card
A shout out on insta

:dizzy: 4th place
A edit
Custom pose
Anything you wanna request in my shop

:dizzy: 5th place::dizzy:
custom pose
anything you want in my shop

Exsamples of my work

2cc670529a283a55b22eb75f5d61ab42d5f1a47d_2_690x388 650080b1d7460d5a8d2855549e9f233d38a0e901_2_690x388 78adbe34c4bba201c88418bf3de049e49c47bae2_2_690x388

People who joined

People who might join

People who are done

DEADLINE 12/06/20-12/12/20

Pls tag people dont let this flop


Sorry if you didnt want to get tagged*


Can I enter? Unless I’m suppose to be a judge since I’m a member of the shop.


no u can enter

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could you put me down as ‘possibly entering’ i just have a lot of requests atm and i don’t know if i’ll be able to draw it for sure …

but i have high hopes that i’ll be able to draw something ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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great i will now

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This sounds super fun! You can put me down as a maybe! I have lots of requests and things to do, but I will do my very best to try to participate. :blob_hearts:

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ok great

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Hey! I would like to join

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Ooh! I’ll try to enter

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imma join :star_struck::pleading_face:

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@MMG @Maeverie.Rivera @Teja_6274

Hey I’m one of the judges. Nice to know you want to join we will add you on the list. we will let you guys know more information by later today.



I’m entering this!! Don’t worry about the title, I might use it for a story cover in the future


Screenshot (864)

I had a lot of free time to gone head and get it out the way. But Hope this is what your looking for.


Hey! So, I am entering. Here is my edit



Woww :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thank you sugar :purple_heart:

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How cute! :yellow_heart:


O-oh I want to enter

here's something I made for my story


Not as cute and AMAZING as yours!! :heart_eyes: Yours look really good.