Erika_R & Alissa_Edits Art Shop! [STATUS: Open] [Ink & Limelight]

Hello human beings :3 :+1:
Welcome to Me (@Alissa_Edits) & @Erika_R’s art shop! There of course are rules and please follow them :blush:


1. Do not thread Jump
If you thread jump we will have to cancel your request.

2. Do not steal art or trace
If you trace or steal art, we will report you

3. Do not cause drama
If you cause drama, we will report your comment. Also please don’t be mean to others.

4. Do not send hate
Please don’t send hate to either me or Erika_R because then I will roast you (Just Kidding) >w<


Alissa_Edits can do: Covers, Splashes, PFPs, Character Edits

Erika_R can do: Covers, Splashes, PFPs, Character Edits, Character Sheets (Ink)


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Alissa_Edits’ Examples



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I seriously love both of your arts so damn much!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Can any one of u do a splash for me that says " This story uses sound. So turn your volume up!"? and one more which says " This story uses Mature Themes and Strong Languages" ?(IN INK) It’s for my story that is being revamped. If yes i can send you the character deets…


Ofc I can do it just send me the details. :grin:


Give me one sec. I will send the details soon. Btw I am so happy :grin::grin::star_struck:

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For the first splash:
Wording: This story uses sound. So Turn your Volume up!

Character deets and outfit

Skin: Light
Eyes: upturned bold (Toffee)
eyebrow: Medium Angled
Hair: Beach wave (Chestnut)
Face: Oval
Nose: Elven
Lips: classic (Bugglegum Pink)
For the outfit:

Near the character I want two large speakers nearby on both the side. The characters is dance raise hands. I am not having any idea of background. Maybe you could could with some pink fantasy mixed one.

Any other I need to mention?

For the second splash:
Wording: This Story contains Mature Themes and Languages. You have been warned.



Character deets
  • For the female:
    Skin: Light
    Eyes: upturned bold (Black)
    Eyebrow: Seductive Arch
    Hair: Beach Wave Hair (Black)
    Face: Soft Heart
    Nose: Elven
    Lips: Blossom Lips (Ruby Red)
  • For the male
    Skin: Olive
    Eyes: Round Peircing (Toffee)
    Eyebrow: Thick Arch
    Hair: Boy bun (cayene)
    Face: Chiseled Square
    Nose: Button


Okay so at the top of the splash the wording should be written. The pose should be below that. Here’s the background. Let me know if u have any doubt.

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Could I request a cover?

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Sure by who do you want it done by?

I would like to make a request with Erika please

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Ok I’ll get started on your splash after I finish my on going request. :grin:

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Ofc what would you like?

Could you do it for me?


I guess it’s called a character edit?
Do I give you all the details on here or message you?


Sure but it might take a while because I have to finish other requests first. :grin:

Here is fine. :grin:

I have updated my post. Can you do that pose I mentioned for second splash there?

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I’m not sure it’s kinda hard and I’m new to doing these so I can try… :sweat_smile:? Anyway I’ll try it out and see if I can but I don’t think it will turn out like that. Haha sorry. :sweat_smile:

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Okay. I am glad that you are gonna try it. i will update the details in my previous post.

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Sure. :heart:

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And done. You can check it out. Thanks for trying it. I know that it’s tough but i am glad that You can take a challenge. :star_struck:

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Hahah np! :heart: also sorry if it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted.:sweat_smile:

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