Erika_R & Alissa_Edits Art Shop! [STATUS: Open] [Ink & Limelight]

Can I request a cover by @Erika_R , I know that I have to wait, and that’s not a problem, take your time, I don’t need it asap.

Female MC (INK)
Character details:
Body: Light
Brow: Defined Natural
Hair: Beach Wave Hair (Platinum Blond)
Eyes: Upturned Feline
Face: Oval
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Classic


Pose: She is in the bed, with a smiling face, nacked but with male hands that covers her body (not all, only the parts that has to be censured, pratically keep it hot/sexy)

With: Sexingle
Write on it.
And : by kendycrush

The word sexingle has to be like this (red):

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Of course just send the details and ill get started asap.:heart: But you might get it in a 1-2 weeks.:sweat_smile:

Hey @Erika_R? Can you tell me the people who has requested?

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as of right now :heart:
kendy crush

Okie dokie

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@kendycrush here is your cover please tell me if you would like anything changed?


1 Like! This is AMAZING!!! Tysm!:heart:

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Can I request a cover from @Alissa_Edits?

(What info do you need for it?)

Hi, could I request @Erika_R to make me an outro splash, please?
Like this:


I don’t really mind about the background.
With credits across the top, please.

Character details

Girl: Toffee skin colour
Upturned bold green eyes
Oval face shape
Eleven nose
Full round mocha mouth
Beach wave chestnut brown hair

Toffee skin colour
Round blue eyes
Spiked black hair
Defined triangle face shape
Smirk mocha mouth
Small button nose

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Hey @Erika_R Erika I’m back lol I have another request and it’s a 2 part one. Would you be willing to complete this for me?

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@Irridescent_Iguana Sure are you good with me sending it to you in a week or 2?

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@Lady_Strand a im kinda have a lot of request rn. Maybe someone from here can help you out?thanks.:heart:

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Yes, that’s fine, thank you.

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Can I request from you?

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As of now i am not taking requests but you can request from @Alissa_Edits.:heart:

@Irridescent_Iguana here is your splash i didnt understand what you meant by outro splash so i just assumed that it meant to be continued? If its wrong just tell me ill change it.:sweat_smile:


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That is perfect, thank you so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey could I request another cover for a different story from @Erika_R ??

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Hi sorry but I’m just o longer taking requests sorry for the inconvenience.:heart: