Erorr feedback needed

Can anyone read my fabled contest and see any errors/spelling? Thats all so i can get it out.

Youll need to check the skip/start and customization aswell

Are you asking for this as a free service or paid? I offer proofreading and beta reading as a paid service and would be happy to help you! :blush:

Sorry free! :grimacing:

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No worries! Good luck with your story :blob_hearts:

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I can check for spelling, but you could have told me on ig when I was reading it the first time :sob:

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I thought thats what proofreading was :sob::woman_standing:t5:

You told me to see if it was going fast that’s all :pensive:

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oh yeah! My bad :grimacing::sob:


Still need

i can do it! pm me the link and ill get started right away

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I can help you

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Got insta??

Yes @chikki._.creator

I can! dm me :smiley: or on instagram: @k6tty.epy

also— a huge tip for contests: don’t publish until the deadline day so that all of your reads count :slight_smile: they won’t from now until the deadline :sleepy:

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Oh wow, reads determine if u win?

I cant message u until u follow me

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