Error 11 but all no outfit error


I’m getting Error 11 everytime i preview, i’ve tried reloading many many times and reopening my browser. I googled it and people said that it happens when you have an error in outfit coding, but i have no errors in the character’s outfits.
Everytime they change into a new outfit, it’s 100% spelled correctly, it shows the pink text which means that the outfit exists.
Any soulutions?

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If nothing else works, you can submit a help ticket to the support team. :smiley:


Can you post a screenshot of your script?


the highlighted part is the part where it stops working, the coach says the just because line then it stops and says “Error 11”


i reset my browser and it has been 4 days and it is still happening, anyone know what to do I’ve done so much on my story and i don’t want to leave it


I also signed out and signed in and i think i did everything that i can … any help please??


So I don’t know much about this error only that it’s a clothing error ? maybe you need to add a transistion??? sorry I don’t know either??


.Outfits don’t have to be individual.



If you still need help:
If you remove the changing outfit command, do you still receive the error?

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If it doesn’t work then try to relode it or write it again


Stands screen center has to be upscreen

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It is not a clothing error. Its a previewer error. Meaning previewer is down.