Error 11 doesn't go away

This is what my script looks like, I’m pretty sure the mistake must be in that part since the error didn’t occur before I had added ll. 188-217.

I already tried to add the @pause for a beats between the animations since I thought the mistake was that maybe I added two animations for the same character in succession, but that somehow didn’t change anything.

Thankful for all help I can get!!



Have you tried closing out the page and going back in. Alot of times that this happens to me thats all I have to do and it will work. Sometimes I have to do it two or three times but normally works. Other times I have to leave it be for a while and then it will be fine.

no, haven’t tried that yet - I replaced the @pause for a beats with some more instructions for other characters that I added to the scene and now the error is gone.
but thank you, it’s good to know for the next time that happens!!


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