Error 11 in the writers portal


Unfortunately I can’t preview my story on the writers portal and I’m getting a Error 11. I am wondering if anyone else is having issues as well? I did file a support ticket but if theres anything I can do to fix this myself I would love to know lol



Mine isn`t working too


Oh no :scream:


Neither is mine! I think it might be because I clicked that “memory” button on the right side of the previewer? It worked just fine before I did that :sweat_smile:




Somewhere someone said we should install Adobe Flash Player. I installed it and now it is ok. Maybe it will work for you as well.


Yea I’ll try that. I did just get a new laptop today so I’m gonna go download it and let y’all know


@JrBouchard have you tried downloading adobe?


okkk :wink:


Hahaha, I had the same problem. I was getting error 98 for some reason too :joy:


So i already have adobe flash cause i have windows 10. I updated it and what not but I’m still getting error 10 :sob: @Ralu


Mine stopped working too again. Im sorry, I dont know what else we can do.




@Days it’s error 94 for me, is yours working again? :eyes:


Can u screenshot the error please maybe I can help


I’ll send it over



Hi, it’s working atm. I had to refresh the browser.


Maybe if u try what @Days do maybe that will help


I don’t know, maybe because this is quite new there will be a handful of bugs?