Error 11 in the writers portal


Idk I’m doing everything y’all are suggesting that’s working for you guys but it says error 11 for me and i filed a support ticket but they said since there’s too many tickets from people they couldn’t answer mine. This is BS.


Omg, do what!? Why should I have to disable my bookmarks?! I have them for a reason! Dude. What in the world…

They need to roll back the update. I don’t like it very much. I’m getting tired of it :frowning:


I disabled (not delete) all my bookmarks then I put them back. And now I don’t have any problem.
On me, worked. :thinking:


Hi, I have the same problem and I already tried to do everything that you said but it still doesn’t work




I did submit a ticket when it first happened and they said they couldn’t help because of the large amount of ticket submissions.


This means that it may take a while to get to your ticket. :wink: They are still going to help once they get done with the tickets that came before yours. :smiley:


Thank you!!!


I didn’t click the memory button but I still got it. :confused:


That’s what happened to me


Happening to me but I’m getting 94


OMGOMGOMG PEOPLE I am shook. My portal went back to its normal state (before the update). Is this some kind of joke or is normality restored!?




Mine did too!!! :raised_hands:




Me when the portal changed back to normal :joy::rofl: