Error after Publishing - Help

Help! I just (finally) posted the first three chapter of my first ever Episode story and now this is showing up when my friend tries to read it.

I’m not sure if it’s her phone/app or something on my side that I did wrong.
Has anyone else experienced this and/or know the fix?
Thank you!!! :disappointed_relieved:

Did she play the story prior to you publishing it? If she did, did she remember to reset the story progress prior to you publishing?

I’ve gotten that error message before and it was because I forgot to reset the story progress before the story was published, so I was read completely through chapter 3. Because there was nothing published past 3, the app couldn’t open the story. Apparently this is a known problem and there isn’t a fix outside of waiting for the next chapter to be published. She could still try submitting a support ticket though.

Oh that makes sense.

That worked thanks :slight_smile:

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