Error: animationproperties


Yooo. I randomly just got this error. I’ve never see it before & nothing came up when I looked it up.
It doesn’t tell me where in script the error is either. & I’m not using any hidden animations.
I didn’t have this problem earlier when I saved it either. Its weird. It says “ERROR ANIMATIONPROPERTIES”
Does anyone know what this means?


Same i got this error literally 2 minutes ago it’s not even telling me what I did wrong.


Dang man. Must be a new error or something


maybe episode has a new glitch


Yeah that could be. I’ve tried a ton of things & the error won’t go away :sob:


I figured it out!
I managed to narrow it down until I found it. By opening a new tab removing more & more of my script till I could locate the problem
Its coming from this: &remove overlay DOOR1 AND remove overlay DOOR2
So I guess it doesn’t want to remove overlays or something. I used that before though and it worked
I changed it to “@overlay DOOR1 clear” and it worked! So I guess the correct command is:
@overlay OVERLAY clear & that they won’t accept “remove”. So glad I figured it out!
I hope this helps you too!


Yup they don’t. The proper formatting is @overlay # clear.


tysm that was my issue as well :slight_smile:


This just happened to me like 2 minutes ago. I was trying to find out why as well. Maybe it’s a glitch in the portal preview.


Wow! It worked. LOL. It JUST happened. Weird!


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: