Error: back ground does not exist?


I’m trying to use a background that has already been approved, but an error message comes out and says it doesn’t exist and that maybe i deleted it. i know i didn’t delete it because I’ve refreshed the backgrounds over and over again and it’s still there. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP :frowning:

  1. Maybe you misspeled it? Try copying and pasting it into the script.
  2. If not, can you post a screenshot of your script? Sometimes there is an error before or after the background name that is causing this issue


Did you save your script? Sometimes when a background is approved, the Writer’s Portal will say your background hasn’t been approved - all you gotta do is press the save button in your script and voila, the error will vanish! :wink:




Yes, I’ve tried this multiple times and it still bring up the error message :confused:


i tried to retype it and i also clicked it from the list that has the backgrounds and also copying and pasting but the message still comes out i don’t know whats wrong with it. :confused:


Hmm, maybe type some dialogue under the characters and then save…:thinking:


It worked! thank you so much!!