Error! Background doesn't exist? Please help!

I’ve been having trouble with a background in the writer’s portal.

I’ve just begun writing a new chapter of my story, and when I try to preview it, it tells me that there’s an error and that my background doesn’t exist. And on the previewer it comes up as just black? The background has even been approved, so I don’t see the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Could you show your script (screenshot)? + topic should go in Directing Help & Tips in Creator’s Corner


A screenie would be helpful like @JemU776 said! I’ve found it will say the background doesn’t exist if there’s an error on the line beneath it. :grin:


I was asleep, I’ll post screenshots soon :blush:
As for the error beneath my background, I’ve also seen that on other topics. But the ‘x’ wasn’t appearing anywhere on the script. I’ll try to look again today though :upside_down_face:

sometimes you just need to reload or if you have another error underneath it, fix that and the message that it doesn’t exist will disappear (it happened recently to me)

Here’s a screenshot:

have you wrote the name manually - can there by mistypo?

I’ve tried typing the name out and copying and pasting, nothing is working.


Is this a custom background you deleted by mistake or forgot to upload?

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No, I uploaded it, and it’s even been approved :confused:

It’s a custom background that I uploaded. It won’t show up there

It will show up there under “Backgrounds You Uploaded to Your Account”

Can you post a screenshot of your approved background and the background name?

I don’t have my laptop with me right now, I’ll try to get the screenshot later

I got it from my phone therefore it’s kind of blurry, but here you go

Your background name is INT. HOSPITAL RECEPTION - D

But in your script you wrote INT. HOSPITAL RECEPTION - DAY

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When writing in the name of the background, it was DAY. Do you think it got cut off?

I’m not sure but that’s the name of the background so you have to write it exactly like that in your script.

Thank you so much! It worked! Sorry for the trouble everyone!

Closed: Marked as solved by op @IthaIsHere :yay: Thanks to @Dara.Amarie and everyone else for the help :v: