Error background: Help


Why am I getting error? I can’t publish my story?


did the background tittle have a - ?




was this an uploaded background or was it already on the website


Its a hidden background


Did you copy it exactly. With all the right spaces and capital letters?


@PerplexedJam gave it to me.


I think all the spaces and letter are correct.


If you’ve uploaded the background and it’s been approved but this error is still happening then try retyping the ‘DAY’ part at the end, then resave (this fixed it for me before).


I didn’t upload it :stuck_out_tongue: Do i have to upload?


yeah probably


It has to be uploaded.


you have to upload it and wait for it to be check so you can so it can be used. after it’s checked you can publish the story. but if it’s still in review you can’t save the script nor publish your story


You can save the script if it’s in review, you just can’t publish the chapter.


I thought hidden backgrounds aren’t suppposed to upload.


My mistake. I’m such an idiot.:no_mouth:


They are called hidden because they’re used in featured stories but aren’t available in the catalogue.

No worries :+1:t3:


Okay thanks. :heart:

@Jeremy close this thread.