Error - Character won't do the coded in animations

Hi there, I know all the basic coding, but for some reason, my guy Devon here refuses to gasp and turn around. This is my code. Any help?
KATE (talk_exclaim_no_worried)
KATE (talk_afraid)
Isn’t that Ethan?
@zoom on 320 307 to 275% in 0
@ETHAN is react_shocked_gasp
&ETHAN faces left
&ETHAN is search_neutral
@pause for 30
@pause for a beat

I think this is whats causing the problem. I should be @ETHAN is search_neutral

I don’t see any “Devon” in the code. You used Ethan.

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OH CRAP. Thank you!
lol i should clear up ethan’s the one walking into the scene so i must have gotten it mixed up

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can you helo me


What do you need help with…?

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