Error: Choices must follow dialog immediately, not a branch


As you can see both of my choices follow up right after the dialogue so I’m not sure why it’s displaying this error. Help is appreciated :slight_smile:


You didn’t write dialogue within the choice yet, try doing that


And you don’t need to write choice two times, once is fine, so remove choice in line 289


Is that one choice? or they separate? If it’s only one delete the second choice word


I have but I just clicked on the arrow on the side to show that the choices are right next to each other:


They’re separate choices


They are a single choice @Anamel as you have to have 2 choices to choose from so have to be under one choice command and there have to be two choices…or many more
Sorry if you didn’t understand this…


Or are you trying to write the circumstances for the choices??





“Reveal myself”{
#scenes for this choice

}“Keep hiding”{
#scenes for this choice


#rest of the story


I was just trying to write two different choices for the dialogue so I misunderstood. Sorry about that I’m quite new lol I appreciate the help though


Thank you so much!


Hey!! No worries.
We all are new at some point…:blush::blush:


Get an answer to your question? :slight_smile: