Error Code in Movement Animation?

Why is there an error code? I keep looking over it and can’t see anything wrong with it.

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At line 1806 → The first spot misses a 0 (zero).

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How can you not see one thing wrong, when I can see three? I know codeing is hard, especially for someone who is new. so I get it slips by.

  1. both your commans has & meaning they are happening at the same time. their is ni pause in between, so this wont work because they are going on at the same time
  2. you are missing a number with the size for Gianna I assume zero as that is what Izabella has
    3 you can not write to spot. you need AND NAME

this is how I write it

& DEACON walks to spot 0.760 52 255 in zone 2 in 4 AND DEACON does it while run_athletic_neutral_offset_loop

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Those are not valid walking commands. You cannot combine an animation with a walking command, they need to be separate commands. Also, when making a character walk while doing an animation, it’ best to use “does it while”

&CHAR walks to spot 1.28 100 0 in zone 2 AND CHAR does it while walk_animation


thank you! this makes alot more sense, I took several years off coding and even when I did the commands were not as complicated and really simple and easy. I am trying to make my story better and more thorough so again thank you for the help!


haha I missed that, thanks for pointing it out!

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that is exactly why I posted it on here. sometimes you need other people to help you, and there is nothing wrong with that. I didn’t see anything wrong because it is my own work and its harder to see when I have been coding for awhile. I appreciate the help but this comment was slightly rude.


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