Error code keeps appearing

I’ve got a new phone as my old one broke. I cant swap progress over using my Gmail like I usually can. It keeps saying game state on another platform. I’m going from android to android so I cant see the issue. I’ve submitted two tickets now and nothing has been resolved. Could someone get back to me with a resolution.

I am sorry to hear this is happening. The team is pretty busy with tickets and image approvals so it is best to be patient when waiting for them to respond. :sunglasses:

P.S. Creating two tickets about the same issue will almost guarantee your original ticket get’s addressed later than it normally would have.:sweat:

I understand they’re incredibly busy and I’m fine to wait my turn. The only reason I submitted a second ticket was because I was left in limbo. A lady got back to me, asked what the issue was then radio silence. That was last week and I’m still unsure as to what’s happening. I honestly thought I’d been forgotten about.