Error " { doesn't have a matching"


I am a new writter and I am kind of stuck actually.
So, here’s the error message:

There is { on line 501 that does not have a matching }

Here’s the script:

choice “Ugly.”{

“story line”


“story line”

}“Beg.”{ (line 501)

“story line”

}“I’ve seen them all”{


(I’ve tried adding a second “}” after the last choice but it still doesn’t work.)

Thank you!

Hi! I am a new writer too, and I have had this same problem. This is an example of a choice format that works for me, and has not given me any errors in my script.

“choice 2” {


“choice 1” {



I would also definitely recommend checking out some tutorials on youtube, as I just started as well and they have been so helpful! Joseph Evans, an author here on episode, has a whole youtube channel that has been so helpful in teaching me the basics! he also has a video on choices, and I will leave the link for you on the bottom. I hope this helps! Happy new year!

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I’ve tried that too but it still doesn’t work :sob: It is driving me crazy aha

Yes I started with his tutorials! But thank you for replying and helping me!

Happy New Year and good luck on your story!

You put

choice “Ugly” {

You need to put

“Ugly” {

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Everything else was correct

Thank you so much, you too! If I think of anything that may work I will be sure to let you know :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried and it stillllll doesn’t work :sob:

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I’ve tried it AGAIN and it finally worked!

Thank you and Happy New Year !!

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Sorry I havent been on recently!!! But I am sooo glad it worked!!

Happy New Year!!

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