Error. Help me.I can't move on

Why is there a error?


What’s before the goto?

can you take another screenshot that shows some lines before the error? I think it just has to do with where you placed the “goto story_continue3”

Can you show the lines right before the error

They are

The error is on line 492. I need to see the lines before that. The screenshots you provided do not show those lines.

Okay so it looks like you edited your script and added/removed some lines or so because there should be a red x next to the line number where the error should be. Can you click on the error message so that it takes you to where the error is at now and make sure that the error is in the middle of the screen when you screenshot.

You can’t use a “goto” command right under another label without any script in between. Either you add something there or remove “label story_continue2”. Just note that if you remove it, you’ll have to remove every “goto story_continue2” line as well.