Error Help? (this needs to be 15 characters so this is here episode is annoying uugghhhh)

You spelled label wrong.

Oh ty!

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You’re welcome!

what is it hun?

try to copy and paste

Error is on line 3 but cant figure out what it is first time attempting to write so dont know what im doing half time.

  2. @speechbubble KIKI
  3. Island of Maui! Our home.It’s Truly Paradise
  4. @speechbubbleKIKI
  5. Population 300,with such a small population.Everyone in Maui literlly knows everyone.
    My sister Mandy and I are pretty much celebrities here.
    We are Identical Twins.
    Everyone at one point in life has Curosity about being a twin. Curosity killed the cat because its pretty fucking annoying.

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is someone saying island of maui

this command doesn’t exist

If you need someone to say something just put a name without any signs

Island of Maui! Our home.It’s Truly Paradise

You can also add animation to it:

 KIKI (animation)
Island of Maui! Our home.It’s Truly Paradise
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@Jeremy close topic!

Omg that was pretty stupid thnks alot …it finally went away firat time writer so i get a pass lol

@Epiiuser_Queen please let me know which reply was the solution to your question please. Thanks!

The first one was

We can appreciate you trying to help, but we need the answer from @Epiiuser_Queen. Thanks!

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it wuz @coffeecakes

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