Error in changing scene

Hi everyone,

I was working on Episode 5 (or rather I should call it Chapter 5) of my story Swim Meet on the Web portal.

I wanted a scene change for the episode but the portal comes out with a script error that says :
Your episode cannot end with a scene change. Please add dialogue or remove the scene change

I am attaching a screenshot with the problems marked :

Please help me with this.

With regards


It can’t end with that scene it has to be another one

You can write @pause for 0 after the background name :wink: it won’t let you save until you write something more under the background name.

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Is that the solution? I mean will it work?
How to do it? Please explain.

You just need to write something else on the line under the background name. F.ex. @pause for 0

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Directing hero to the rescue again :partying_face:

You’re an amazing friend @Alexx.lapakka and I’m glad I met you <3

Keep on helping :heart_eyes_cat:

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Thank you so much @JemU776 ⚘❤

I’m very glad that I met you too. You’re a fantastic friend and a real Gem :heart::gem:

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Solved and closed. :smiley: