Error in creating my story


Please can anyone help me?
I’m creating a story and when i want to adjust the spot nb there is that blue thinf appear can u help me and tell me ( if you know) how to remove it?! Screenshot_20180525-152315|281x500


The picture didn’t load… :confused::woman_shrugging:t2:



Can you screenshot the script? That might help me see where the problem is


If you’re asking to get rid of the blue hexagon thing… That is episode’s spotlight format and if you selected that option when you first made the story, you can’t get rid of it. Most people who do this end up making a new story and just copy and pasting their script over


Oh okay thanks


I’m facing a new problem… in the script… the girl walks to screen center in zone 3 okay? I writed @follow… but in the app when i want to test it … the camera is not following her why?


Can you screen shot your script and post it here?