Error in Episode


Is anyone having trouble loading an episode chapter? I am, I was going to read the new chapter for side chick’s guide for revenge. Since that is a story I enjoy reading very much.

An error came up an Error Loading Episode. I did everything it told me to do, my internet is ok and every time when I try to read the chapter again.


Is this an error that Episode hasn’t gotten fixed at all? If it is then they should really try to fix this error.


It might be a glitch try contacting episode support?


Moved to Report a Bug Mobile App. Go ahead and submit a help ticket to the support team, they’d be happy to help! :smiley:


I am facing this issue from the past three weeks


I have the same problem, but it’s only when I specifically use my boyfriend’s internet


I can’t read The Blacksmith. I keep getting an error. It’s the only story I can’t read so far. I contacted episodes and they gave me a series of steps which I had already done. I replied back it didn’t help and have yet to get a response. I’m super irritated because I really want to read the new chapters.