Error in LL Template?

So in my LL script, I have the template to customize a boy character. But for some reason, whenever I click save, it says “ERROR No eyebrows called Arched Medium exist”…

But the weird part is, I don’t know why it’s saying that. Because I used it before in a LL script, and it never said that…


Send a pic of the script please

double check :slight_smile:

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Check on the phone preview mine did the same

how will that fix it?

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It should just be a glitch

The eyebrow is called Medium Sharp that is a old script CC

did you create a character?

oh ok…so i just replace sharp medium with medium sharp?

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wait it didnt work


how do i fix it?

I don’t think you did because your animation list is open and there’s no character there. Have you read the post from my answer above?

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i think i fixed it lol… it was because the characters werent made yet