Error In My Script

I wrote this in my script:

60. choice
61. “Fair Gold” {
62. @MARY
63. changes bodyColor into Fair Gold
64. girl fem_lightskin1
65. } “Fair Neutral” {

And there is an error in line 61:
“There is a { on line 61 that does not have a matching }”

A “{” in line 61 has it’s matching in line 65, and I have many things like that written there but line 61 was the first line with an error… Can you help me please, because I can’t continue writing because of this error.

You need a label

I know, I copied this script on the internet and it worked for many people before me

Did you change anything

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Is Mary and the color change on the same line in the script? If not, they should be on the same line.

@ Mary changes bodyColor into Fair Gold
(Remove the space between @ and Mary.)

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This should fix your problems:

  1. choice
  2. “Fair Gold” {
  3. @ MARY changes bodyColor into Fair Gold [<< As noted above, no line break was needed there, but remove that space between the at sign and “MARY”.]
  4. goto girl fem_lightskin1 [ << You need to use “goto” to jump back to your label .]
  5. } “Fair Neutral” {
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