Error in portal

I can’t preview my story.
I tried to refresh the page a couple of times.
But it’s saying this for the last two days:

try re load the website

Doing that for two days straight now.

thats weird

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Log out of the portal and try again

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If youve tried logging out and refreshing try these couple of tidbits

  1. clear all cache and cookies ( only if you know your login information.)
  2. try a couple of different web browsers ( ive had to do this a couple of times).
    3 when all else fails use your phone as a previewer, and submit a help ticket lol (I know that sucks but it helps in the mean time.)
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Thanks you so much.
It finally worked!:heart: I got a little desperate haha.

Oh, good. I hate when that happens! Glad it’s working!

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Haha it’s happening again :’)
Sometimes I can go days without any error and sometimes they are there all the time.

Id definitely recommend using a different web browser

Which one do you use?

I used Firefox for awhile but then everything just quit working so I use chrome. Lol I have a chromebook, but when mine starts acting up I just clear the cache and cookies on my history ( wouldnt recommend that without knowing your login info though lol.

Is anybody getting this ?

500 Internal Server Error
The server has either erred or is incapable of performing the requested operation.

Yes! I keep getting that when I’m trying to log into my writters portal. I use my Apple Id and it keeps tell me 500 internal server error. I emailed episode about it, now I’m waiting.

Yes i think it’s something to do with only the Apple login because I logged into an old gmail account and I got straight on so I’m not really sure ?

I sent them a ticket and they said that they are trying to fix the issue

Yeah I sent them a ticket as well and all they told me was to clear my browsing data and use a different browser and use google chrome and I told them I did all of that and now I’m waiting for a reply back. Yeah all of this is happening to all of us who use Apple ID for login.

the same thing is happening to me, I really hope this means we haven’t lost our accounts.

I know same I’ve spent so long with my stories and I’m not just going to loose it all

This is email I got after I told them nothing works