Error in previewer

hi all,

so I’m currently working on my story and as I went to save, then preview it, I was met with this error:

FINAL edit: I think the support team must be stumped, but I fixed the error myself with this method:

Removed NARRATOR “speaking” before a character customization choice, so instead, it was the character themselves speaking.

Removed the “specially dyed hairstyles” section of the template used for CC. (dara amarie’s)

Hit save & preview, error disappeared.

Wrote out the CC template again, to include the specially dyed hairstyles again.

Changed from the character back to NARRATOR to “speak”.

Seems to have fixed the error completely somehow.

Honestly I’ve gotten this error many times before, and I do the dame for any error I get. Just keep reloading or wait a day or two and try again. It always works for me when I do those things but if it didn’t I’d send a ticket to Episode- or even right away simce they take a bit to answer. Sorry this isn’t much help but good luck!

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ah, thank you! I’ve sent a help ticket to Episode, though I’ll keep trying to refresh. I’m just impatient and want to continue my progress :joy: