Error in remembering previous clothing choices

Hi I’m not sure if anyone will see this but i am not too sure how to add my own questions on here. Im having a similar problem. I did my choices and am doing the if/else but when it goes to remembering the past choices it always puts my character in the else option. could someone help me?

label dressing_game
choice “pants” {
@CALLA changes into CALLA_casual1
@pause for 2
} “skirt” {
@CALLA changes into CALLA_casual2
@pause for 2

I then allow the reader to change option or choose option

then later on i am using the remembering option. i have tried multiple ways

if (CALLA_casual1 is “pants”) {
@CALLA changes into CALLA_casual1snow
} else {
@CALLA changes into CALLA_casual2snow

i have also tried…

if (dressing_game is “pants”)

if (dressing_game is CALLA_casual1)

and if (CALLA_casual1)

but each time it automatically puts my character in the “else” option. if anyone can help me please let me know!!!

It is choosing else option as it doesn’t know what choice you are referring to for the if condition. To make it work, give the choice a name -
choice (CALLA_casual1)
Pants {
} skirts {
Now that CALLA_casual1 is your choice name, it will be remembered during if and else.

If (CALLA_casual1 is “pants”) {
} else {
Formats - choice (CHOICENAME)
If (CHOICENAME is “option_name”)

You have to name your choice! Try this:

label dressing_game

choice (outfit1)
“Pants” {

} “Skirt” {


and then:

if (outfit1 is “Pants”) {

} else {


Just insert the other info into the brackets haha

thank you so much!!!

thank you!!!

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