Error in the reading

Does anyone know what he does when the story locks up?
I was reading, it showed a dialogue and it won’t let me continue. I tried closing it, uninstalling it but nothing changes.

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What exactly do you mean? Can you send an example of your code or issue??

I can’t continue reading the story, like I touch the screen and nothing happens

There must be an error in your code. Send it to me? Just copy everything under that including the actual dialogue please.

The thing is that is not my story and everyone else can continue the story but I don’t know want is going on when I am reading it

Like copy and paste your code to the text box thing and I’ll go through it! I had the same problem a little bit ago and it was something in my code.

It is not the story I am writing I am just reading someone else’s story

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I would suggest sending a support ticket! The episode team will help you if it is a glitch with the app!