Error keeps appearing

@transition fade in black
@JADE spot 1.462 71 -153 AND JADE faces right
@STACEY spot 1.368 204 -102 AND STACEY faces left
@JADE starts cry_sob_sad_loop
JADE (talk_sad)
Why would he do this to me?
@JADE starts idle_sad_serious_loop
STACEY (talk_reassure_neutral)
God knows why!
@STACEY starts idle
sound door_bang
sound stop
JADE (callout_neutral)
Who is that?
@JADE starts idle_handsonhips_neutral_loop

The error that appears is

You don’t need to put that command sound stop
It will stop automatically.
And put the transition command after you have placed your characters or they’ll pop up on the screen :slight_smile:

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But other people who reviewed my story said they can still hear the sounds

Yes, the sound of the door bang will play once then stop it’s not a looping sound. The only time it will carry on playing is if you put music door_bang

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Oh Ok thnk you

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