Error Loading Episode issue

For the past few days, many of the stories that I’ve been reading are giving errors which read: " Error loading episode. We couldn’t load a required file to play this episode. If this persists, visit"

After a few days hoping it was just a server-sided problem that might be resolved soon, I did this and here I am.

I’ve tried a plethora of troubleshooting basics such as:

Restarting the device
Reinstalling the app
Clearing the app’s cache
Clearing all of the app’s data
Logging in and out
A combination of the above in a specific order
Tweaking specific settings to see if one was the cause
Ripping out my hair in frustration

After many attempts, nothing has worked. I would try another device but sadly Episode doesn’t seem to support transfers between Android (Which is what I have) and iOS (which is the only other device I have access to). I should also note that my internet connection is fine.

Looking further into this I’ve noted a few things: This issue is only affecting stories that I have put more than one ticket into but only about half of those stories have this issue. New stories that I’ve never played before and “Episode Originals” aren’t affected it seems.

I’ve sent a support ticket on this issue, but I’ve scoured through the forums looking for a similar post which were all about this time last year and none had an effective solution. So I’m hoping this post will either have some suggestions I haven’t tried or at least some exposure to what is seemingly a "game-breaking bug."

Also here’s the error pop-up:


Thanks for reading this long forum post.


I have been having this same issue for several months now. I can only play if I’m using data, it won’t work on Wi-Fi at all. It’s incredibly frustrating because my connection is fine, this is the only app that has this issue. I just don’t understand what the issue is, I had played for over a year prior to this and then it just stopped working.

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i’m having this issue too! I can’t even get to see my upcoming stories to read now… ;(

What kind of handy do you have?

Sorry, handy?

Oh, sorry, damn it, my german side just showed, I mean your phone. What kind of phone do you have? (Brand, Generation)

Lol No worries. I’m using a Galaxy Note 8.

I’m having this issue as well. This is the 1st time I’ve encountered it. I hope that they find a solution soon. Ugh.

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Hi people, I think it’s a common issue, I am also having the same problem. The episode administration team should have a solid solution for us

Hi all :wave:

I am truly sorry :cry: to see that some folks are having an issue with Episode. Anyone experiencing issues loading and/or installing Episode please submit a ticket to our support team by clicking here. Make sure to include what platform you are using iOS/Android/etc and what the issue you are having is. Thanks a ton!

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