Error loading episode?!?

SO BASICALLY, my stories used to load on data, but now all it shows is “error loading episode.” I was confused and thought ‘Maybe it’s just my data.’ So, I restarted my phone and deleted and reinstalled episode, but it still has that problem! I tried to turn on and off the cellular data usage thing in the settings, but it still doesn’t work. I have unlimited data (LTE) , btw, but idk if it makes a difference in this situation.

Please help!!!

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Hey @Felicia_Wise !! I personally haven’t yet had this issue but I have encountered many people who have. As of what I know right now, this is an error with episode that no one has fixed yet. Sry :disappointed_relieved: . I think the best option would be to go directly to episode and tell them about the error. I hope you can figure it out soon!

I’m having the same problem. I uninstalled the app losing all my progress and it still isn’t working.

Yeah me too! this is so frustrating.

having same problem won’t load any episodes I’ve been going through this for two whole days can they fix it at least or tell us how to fix it

Did anyone have a fix for this?

It’s happening to me right now reallyy annoyingg.

I am having the same problem .

I know this probably won’t help but maybe check your settings to see if celular data is turned on for episode?