Error Loading Story-Could someone read it to see if it works for them?

I’ve been getting error loading story notifications when I try to read my story on a different account. If several of you guys could try to read it to see if it works for you. I would also appreciate feedback on my story if you’re able to.

On another note, if anyone wants to make a cover for my story I’ll make sure to credit you for it.

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Hey I can help u with that. I do proofreadering for a shop if u wanna request .

I’ve never had any issues with this until today. I’m not sure how to fix it.

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Oh ok . I can definitely look at it .
If you want some feedback you can request at this shop . Just tag me , add password and fill out the form .

If ur looking for a cover someone from that shop might be able to help depending on what your wanting .

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What’s the name of your story?


My profile name is HMoney

Okay. Just started it. When does the error usually come up for you so I can let you know. For now it’s working fine

It comes before the story loads for me

Oh it’s working for me. Maybe you just have to reload the app, or restart your phone.

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Thank you for trying it for me!

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